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Chocolate Covered Cherries & Blueberries

These mouth watering, slightly tart and chewy-textured pitted, dried Bing Cherries and sweet dried Blueberries are gently dipped in a smooth and creamy milk chocolate. A natural, healthy snack. These colorful gems are packaged in a beautiful golden tin, which can be used again later.

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Citrus Fruit Gummies 2 Lbs.

In this decorative tin you'll find 2 lbs. of your favorite gummies fruit candy including Grapefruit, Cherry, Peach, Lime, Orange and Passion Fruit, all sprinkled with sugar. These enticing fruit flavors taste just like the real thing.

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In season!
Approx. 2 lbs.

Turtle Kisses

These are the perfect combination of crunchy, moist pecans smothered with rich caramel and topped with a dollup of creamy milk chocolate. You'll get 2 dozen of Mmmm Mmmm Good!

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Not available until September 1st!
Approx. 2 lbs.

Fancy Candied Pecan Trio

Praline Pecans are a delicious crunchy Texas treat. The Honey Toasted Pecans are both savory and sweet, while the Butter Toffee Pecans simply melt in your mouth. This trio of our famous open-fire kettle cooked, candied pecans in an impressive gift tin, will be a hit with anyone special on your gift list.

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Not available until September 1st!
Approx. 2 lbs.

Pecan Pralines

A Southern favorite, each is loaded with new crop pecans for a rich creamy treat, presented in a reusable gift tin, one dozen in all.

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Not available until September 1st!
Approx. 1 lbs.